Welcome to PADC!

‘Plan A’ Dance Centre is recreational and competitive dance studio located at 543 Glen Allan Dr., opened by Mallory Zwicker in May of 2017. PADC offers multiple style options for all levels of children aged 3-19.

We expanded our studio to Liverpool at the Queens Place Emera Centre in 2018 where we offer recreational dance classes to dancers aged 3-teen.

Why ‘Plan A’?

As a dancer in a small town it can sometimes be discouraging to have such big dreams. When I was in high school I was constantly being told to have a ‘back-up plan’ or a ‘plan b’ for when my dance career failed. It was extremely disheartening but I never let it stop me. I’ve never had a plan b. I knew that dance was the only option for me regardless of what others thought. I want to promote and support the arts in small communities like Bridgewater and support our youth and let them know that they CAN follow their dreams if they set their minds to it. Choose the arts. Choose dance. Choose what you love.

“Don’t dream it…Plan it.”

-Yours in dance,

Mal Z