Class Descriptions

Recreational / Technique Classes

Ideal for building technique, confidence and strength for those new to dance, experienced in dance, and for those looking to dance for fun. Competitive dancers must be enrolled in technique classes to accompany their competition training.

Competitive Classes

Registration for competitive classes must be approved by the Director. Dancers ages 11+ must go though a placement process. PADC’s competition teams follow an intense program with lots of responsibilities and requirements. Our competitive dancers are expected to practice at home, give 110% in class, and respect our attendance policy. Dancers who are not able to meet competitive requirements risk being removed from the program. Competitive classes will attend 3 mandatory competitions. Please note that there will also be costume and competition fees for each competitive class. A Competitive Dancer Agreement must be read by all competitive dancers and their parents/guardians before being considered an official member of the team. The deadline to join competitive classes is Oct. 1st. The deadline to withdraw from any classes that attend competitions is also Oct 1st.

Dress Code

It is important to us that each dancer is comfortable in whatever they choose to wear to their dance classes at PADC, so comfortable active wear is fine for all classes. However, certain classes do have specific footwear requirements. Hiphop classes require clean indoor sneakers, ballet classes require pink ballet slippers and jazz tech classes require black jazz shoes.

Individual Class Descriptions

Mini Ballet- A great introduction to the dance world! Dancers will develop body awareness, musicality and beginner skills in Ballet. Dancers will have the chance to perform in our recitals and shine onstage.

Mini Creative Movement- Students will get to explore all of the different ways that their bodies can move in a safe and nurturing environment. Props will be used in this class to make it very fun for the children. A great way to improve motor-skills and promote proper development for young dancers. There are no performances with this class.

TEAMS: ELECTRICITY, ENERGY, SHOCK & INTENSITY- Competitive teams require invite from the director/teacher and/or a successful placement class. There is a strict attendance policy and 3 mandatory competitions to attend. These Team classes consist of your competitive Jazz and Contemporary dances.

Tumbling 1- For beginner movers looking to learn the fundamentals of tumbling/acro using our gymnastics equipment in a safe and encouraging environment. Tumblers will learn basic skills that will build a strong foundation, body awareness, and confidence in a fun and exciting class.

Tumbling 2- Beginner to Intermediate tumblers welcomed. Work on gymnastics/acro skills with Miss Mariah using our gymnastics equipment in a safe and encouraging class to reach your acro goals.

Tumbling 3- For our experienced tumblers, this is an advanced tumbling class to work on and perfect your acro skills. Dancers MUST have their walkovers, and an aerial to be eligible for this class. Competitive acro dancers are encouraged to take this class.

*NEW* Acro Arts- Acro dance is a blend of classic dance technique and gymnastics elements. Dancers will focus on strong acro technique while following the Acrobatic Arts syllabus taught by certified teacher Miss Mariah. Through the promotion of technique and progressions dancers will develop their acro skills, strength, and flexibility.

Acro– A competitive class which combines acro/tumbling skills learned in your tumbling classes, and dance moves learned in your other classes! There are certain requirements to be a part of this team. Dancers must have a properly executed: front walkover, back walkover AND front/side aerial OR back handspring. All Acro dancers are strongly encouraged to take a Tumbling class to maintain skills and achieve new ones.

Exploring Dance–  A workshop style class (no experience required) that explores multiple styles of dance. Each class will work on different skills to widen your dance vocabulary and you will learn a different choreography combination every class! There will be no performance for this class. The focus will mainly be on Jazz, Contemporary and Hip-Hop but may include others. Open to ALL skill levels beginner to advance.

Movement Quality 1 & 2- A NEW technique class that focuses on contemporary and modern movement qualities. This class will be a fusion of choreography and technique combinations with a touch of exploration and creation through improvisation and partnering.

Advanced Tech- Any advanced dancer aged 10+ can join this class. A fast paced across the floor based class focusing on developing and improving technique. Combos will be based at a significantly high level so be prepared for a challenge putting your quick-pick-up skills to the test.

Leaps & Turns– A class devoted to breaking down and improving all leaps and turns. A great way to strengthen your technique AND your confidence when leaping and turning.

CDTA Jazz Tech- Pure jazz technique class taught by CDTA certified teacher Miss Mallory. Focus on strong jazz technique while following the CDTA Jazz syllabus with the potential opportunity to do a dance exam in the spring.

Stretch- Dynamic and static stretching to improve dancers flexibility.

Jazz Classes A fun, sassy and upbeat style of dance mixing traditional Jazz technique with some Hiphop action! Dancers will focus on basic jazz steps all throughout the levels with increasing level of difficulty in choreography as they progress. Offered in recreational competitive options.

Ballet Classes Technique technique technique! We offer open ballet classes to all ages from 3-teen. Ballet is the foundation of every dance style. Even if you are a hip-hopper you can benefit from ballet! You will gain strength, flexibility, body awareness and technique in these classes that consist of: ballet barre, center work, across the floor  and choreography. All competitive students are encouraged to take a ballet class. All ballet classes at PADC are recreational.

*NEW* Pre-Pointe- Looking to improve your ballet abilities even more? Pre-pointe class will work in the center and at the barre on alignment, control and foot, ankle and lower leg strength. In order to take this class, you must be taking a ballet class. Dancers will need to bring a theraband to class.

Junior/Intermediate Dance- Dancers will work on their jazz, hiphop and beginner acro skills and technique in dance class and will be challenged with fun jazz and hip-hop choreography.