Please read carefully upon registration and check back regularly for updates and changes.


You will now register ONLINE via Google Sheets. The link can be found on our homepage. Registrations will be accepted to our normal max capacity but we MUST abide by maximum gathering rules if restrictions are announced. For this we will be using the first come first served method. (For example, if 20 people register for a class and we are allowed to have 14 people in a class, we will give the 14 spots to the first 14 dancers who registered. The remaining 6 will be put on a wait list, and will receive an invite once restrictions lift and gathering sizes increase.)

Bridgewater Studio Policies

  • Monitor your health. If you, or someone in your household has: tested positive for COVID within the last 7days, OR is awaiting test results, please do not come to the studio.
  • Entrance and exit. Use our side door at the rear right side of the building. In the event that we must use the main entrance, you will be notified. Parents of younger students are required to be at the door at the beginning and end of their child’s lesson time.
  • Drop off/pick up only. At PADC we do not allow parents to watch lessons as it makes it hard for some dancers to focus. Please do not drop your dancer off any more than 5 minutes early, and please be punctual for pick up.

Liverpool Studio COVID Rules

  • Monitor your health. If you, or someone in your household has: tested positive for COVID within the last 7 days, OR is awaiting test results, please do not come to the studio.
  • Drop off/pick up only. At PADC we do not allow parents to watch lessons as it makes it hard for some dancers to focus. Please do not drop your dancer off any more than 5 minutes early, and please be punctual for pick up. The teacher will meet the dancers and lead them to and from the studio.

Plan A Rules

  • On Facebook, ask to join our private group “PADC Members”. This is our main platform for communication.
  • On Instagram, follow our public page @planadancecentre and our choreography page @padcchoreo.
  • Check your email inboxes and our Important Dates tab on our website regularly to stay connected.
  • Do not drop your dancer off at the studio any earlier than 5 minutes prior to their first lesson of the day.
  • Assure that you are always on time for picking up your dancer and make arrangements if you are unable to make it by the end of the class.
  • Refrain from wearing outdoor footwear in the studio.
  • Stay up to date on our studios COVID-19 protocols when applicable.
  • Remember that our yearly calendar (including performances and competitions) is always subject to change and it is up to you to stay on top of your dancers schedule.

Tuition Information

  • Please always include your dancers name, and what the payment is for in every E-transfers note section.
  • If you miss a payment, 5% will be added to your regular tuition amount when we charge your credit card. Don’t worry, we send a reminder or two before doing this.
  • Refunds will be only be available in special circumstances if full year or full term is paid upfront. Instalments will not be refunded, but in the event of a written or emailed withdrawal, payments will be stopped in the future.
  • No refunds are given for classes that attend competitions. Payment for these classes are due regardless of withdrawal.
  • Refunds for workshops and intensives will be given for valid reasons, with notice, at 50%. Students will be refunded in full in the event of a cancellation on the studios behalf.
  • PADC dancers will pay tuition in 8 installments. Payments will be due on the 15th of each month from September 15th to April 15th. Our months will run from the 15th-15th rather than the 1st-1st. Because the eight installments are equal, months with holiday breaks still require the same payment amount.
  • In the event of a lockdown, Plan A Staff will finish that month of classes using online platforms, and then will stop teaching and collecting payments, as of the 15th of the next month, until it is safe to return to the studio.

Dancer Agreement

PADC’s competitive program is designated for serious and committed dancers. Being a part of a PADC competition class means that there are certain expectations and requirements that dancers and their families will need to agree upon in order to make for a successful season. In return, PADC staff will commit to ensuring that all dancers are trained in the highest regard, in a safe and encouraging learning environment.

Group Classes

  • All competitive dancers must be in at least one technique class 45+ minutes, OR two 30 minute technique classes. It is highly recommended to take more than the minimum in order to excel.
  • Dropping out of a competitive class is unacceptable. Please be positive that you can commit to the full year before registering. Full tuition will be paid to PADC in the event of a drop out from a competitive class, regardless of date, past October 1st.
  • If the payment method of ‘Monthly E-transfers’ is chosen, PADC will require a credit card on your file that will only be used in the event of a missed payment.
  • Competitive dancers may only miss 3 regularly scheduled classes during the season and classes should only be missed due to serious illness, injuries, or family emergencies. If a dancer misses 3 or more classes, they risk being removed the competitive team or a piece of choreography.
  • Do not take vacations during competition/show season.
  • If you are going to be absent for any reason you are required to notify us.
  • All scheduled competitions are MANDATORY for competitive groups unless stated otherwise.
  • Payment for competitions and costumes will be collected at specific intervals throughout the dance season and late fees will apply if deadlines are missed. Please expect these fees to be due between late October and mid January.


  • Dancers who are approved to compete s/d/t’s must be committed to regular practice on their own. It is the dancer’s responsibility to ensure that their dances are clean and well-rehearsed by competition season. For our younger competitive dancers this will also require extra time and commitment from parents/guardians.
  • Once you choreography has been taught it is NOT the responsibility of the teacher to re-teach the choreography if you have not practiced.
  • There will be an option to have additional cleaning sessions available for an hourly rate. This is recommended. If the teacher does not feel that the dance is “competition ready” that dance may be omitted from the upcoming competition – even if non-refundable fees have already been paid. Please keep dances polished so that this does not occur.
  • If a duo or trio member decides to no longer continue with a piece that has already been choreographed, they must pay a $40 fee to cover the cost of a reblocking session for the remaining dancer(s) with their choreographer.
  • Dances for the year end showcase will be selected in the spring. Due to the large number of dances there is no guarantee that all s/d/t will be included in the showcase. Choices will be made by PADC Staff only.
  • Any and all choreography from external choreographers must be approved by Mallory before they can be performed or competed under our name and will likely not be in recitals.
  • If you book and miss a session, payment for the said session will still be due.
  • PADC choreography cannot be competed or performed under any other studio name.
  • It is your choice what competitions you enter your s/d/t in. You will be prompted early in the season to let us know which ones you have chosen.


  • Be forewarned that a dance competition may occur on a school day. Dates are subject to change.
  • Dancers are responsible for their own means of transportation to and from all dance events.
  • With each competition we attend there are additional fees and policies which are outside of PADC’s control. Competition entry fees must be paid by their deadline to assure your dancer and their team are not disqualified.
  • Competition etiquette must be followed by all dancers and parents. If a student or parent is heard saying anything inappropriate (negativity towards other studios, dancers, the competition, scores etc.) they risk being disqualified from the competition and/or being removed from the PADC competitive program.

Parental Code Of Conduct

  • I will inform my child’s dance instructor and/or the Studio Director of any ailments or physical limitations that my child has that may affect their performance and/or behaviors at the studio.
  • I will keep myself up-to-date on studio events by regularly checking the email I provided at registration, the closed Facebook group for parents “PADC Members”, the “Important Dates” page on our website (www.planadancecentre.com), and our public Facebook and Instagram pages.
  • I, as well as my guests, will help to encourage sportsmanship, respect, and courtesy, by demonstrating positive support of all dancers, instructors, event holders, and spectators at the studio and at all events where PADC will be represented.
  • I understand that any form of bullying (another parent, dancer, or instructor), or defaming the studio name is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.
  • I will emphasize personal growth and development to my child and always support them in a positive manner. I will remind them that they should always strive to meet their personal goals, and that this is more important than winning medals and trophies or competing with others.
  • I will help my child meet personal goals, but I will refrain from coaching my child or other children.
  • I understand that the dance instructors are qualified professionals and I will trust, and never discredit, their teaching methods and/or certifications.
  • I will encourage my child to resolve any conflict in a positive manner, and to always treat others with respect and dignity.
  • If I have a concern, I will contact the Studio Director, rather than discuss with other dancers  or parents. I will refrain from using social media to speak negatively about the program, the instructors, the dancers, or other parents.
  • I understand that dance is a physical activity and with that there are risks. I waive any and all claims that may occur in the future as a result of participation in sports with PADC.
  • I understand that although my opinions and suggestions are valued, the final decision will always be up to the staff and director of Plan A Dance Centre.
  • I understand that dance is a team sport and my child’s commitment is very important to the success of the team as a whole. I will: ensure my child has transportation to all classes and events, pay tuition, competition, and costume fees on time, encourage the importance of consistent attendance and regular practice, and be a supportive dance-guardian.
  • I understand that agreement to this Code of Conduct is imperative to the safety and well-being of all members of Plan A Dance Centre. If the contents of this agreement are not respected, my child risks being removed from the programming at PADC, without refund.

CLASS CANCELLATION POLICY: Classes may be cancelled due to storms or severe storm warnings, power outages, facility closures or instructor illness when a substitute is not available. Factors considered when deciding to cancel class include: weather and road conditions, weather forecasts, and above all, the safety of students, parents, and teachers. School closures do not indicate that dance will be cancelled. Weather conditions can vary greatly and change rapidly from one area to another so please use your own discretion when traveling to class this winter.  We try to make these decisions 2 hours before the start of lessons. WHEN CLASSES ARE CANCELLED there will be a message on our closed Facebook page, public Facebook page, public Instagram page and an email will be sent to every primary email address provided at registration; so please check your social media regularly this season to stay connected. Every term we allow 2 cancellations per class in the calculated fees.

By registering my child at Plan A Dance Centre, I agree to and accept all of the Policies outlined on this page.