Important Dates

*Parents & Dancers please make sure you are in our Facebook group “PADC Members” for all latest news and info.

2021-22 Calendar SUBJECT TO CHANGE

  • *On or before your childs first day of classes all parents must complete registration by filling out the payment form sent to you via email. If you have chosen E-transfer as your method of payment this is also when you will record your credit card information onto the form. If you have already electronically signed and submitted this form, thank you, otherwise please come armed with a completed copy on the first day.
  • Sept. 15th Season 5 classes begin in BRIDGEWATER
  • Sept. 25th Season 5 classes begin in LIVERPOOL
  • Sept. 15th First monthly payment is due
  • Oct. 11th Thanksgiving Monday no class
  • Oct. 31st Halloween no class
  • Nov. 11th Remembrance Day no class
  • Nov. 19th-21st M.I.T
  • Dec. 20th Christmas break begins no class
  • Jan. 3rd Classes restart
  • Feb. 26th-27th CDTA Atlantic Dance Fest
  • Mar. 11th-18th March Break no classes (LP class ON)
  • Mar. 31st- Apr. 3rd Limelight Dance Competition no weekend classes
  • Apr. 17th-18th Easter Sunday/Monday no regular classes *Miss Mariahs Sunday makeups running on a condensed schedule*
  • Apr. 21st-24th Champions Dance Festival
  • Apr. 28th- May 1st Candance Dance Competition
  • May 14th Last day of season 5
  • May 15th Recital
  • May 18th-22nd Mercy Dance Competition

CLASS CANCELLATION POLICY: Classes may be cancelled due to storms or severe storm warnings, power outages, facility closures or instructor illness. Factors considered when deciding to cancel class include: weather and road conditions, weather forecasts, and above all, the safety of students, parents, and teachers. School closures do not indicate that dance will be cancelled. Weather conditions can vary greatly and change rapidly from one area to another so please use your own discretion when traveling to class this winter.  We try to make these decisions 2 hours before the start of lessons. WHEN CLASSES ARE CANCELLED there will be a message on our closed Facebook page, public Facebook page, public Instagram page and an email will be sent to every primary email address provided at registration; so please check your social media regularly this season to stay connected. Every term we allow 2 cancellations per class in Bridgewater and 1 cancellation in Liverpool in the calculated fees.